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View descriptions of each class below. Click on the locations at wich the class you're interested in is available to see class, schedules and enrollment information. We can't wait to see you there!

Class Descriptions

Hula Basics

Available in:

Basic hula steps and hand movements are taught to develop coordination as well as confidence. Dance technique and protocol will be stressed in addition to the integration of Hawaiian values. This class is the first step to joining our Hālau.

Kids' Hula

Available in:

Keiki, or young dancers, will develop their coordination through age-appropriate choreography including hula kahiko and hula ‘auana, as well as basic Ori’ Tahiti. Practice of Hawaiian words are woven into their hula instruction and will include “kahea” or “calling”, as part of hula. Dance technique and protocol will be introduced. This class is intended for kids ages 4 and up!

Hālau (Adult) Hula

Available in:

This makua (adult) class is for all returning students that have enrolled in our Hula Basics class. Students will learn songs choreographed by our Kumu. Basic ‘olelo (language) related to nā mele (songs) will be shared.

'Ori Tahiti

Available in:

This class is for all experience levels who are interested in learning Tahitian dance. 'Ori Tahiti is often mistaken for hula, but it is its own art form! Known for fast beating of drums and fast movements of the hips, this fast-paced and energetic class is fun for all ages.

Professional Performance Group

Available in:

This class is by invitation from our instructors only. This class will be physically challenging and requires a commitment from students to train to be a professional dancer and to be available for public performances. Students must be enrolled in Adult Hula to be in this class. Independent study of ‘olelo (language), mele (song) and mo’olelo (history) will be required. This class will train students in all Polynesian dance forms.

Hālau - Novi

We offer classes year round in Novi, Michigan. Click below to see our current class offerings and schedules.

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Why Hula?


Hula & other Polynesian dance forms (Ori Tahiti, Maori, Siva Samoa) are great forms of low impact exercise. Why spend tons of money on a gym membership you'll never use? Come dance with us.. but don't forget your water bottle. You'll need it!


In our Hālau, you'll not only learn how to dance, you'll also learn about Polynesian history, language, places and culture. Our Halau will teach you the meanings of the lyrics in the mele (songs). Here, you'll learn REAL Polynesian dance. Ours is the only Michigan Halau to study under a Kumu Hula.


Auntie Fran started taking Hula classes because she was looking for something fun to do... that was over 40 years ago! You'll have a great time dancing, meeting new people and making lifelong friends when you join our Ohana!



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